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We had an awesome experience with our 2015 aqua patio we purchased from our local dealer. The boat and experience exceeded our expectations. The quality is perfection!

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Stay Away From Godfrey Marine aka The Nautical Group

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We purchased a 2009 Aqua Patio Pontoon boat. A 240 tri-toon Aqua Patio Elite. We ordered it loaded and from the literature it looked like a very nice product. Like they say looks can be deceiving. When the Boat arrived at VS Marine in Atascadero, CA it was loaded with problems.

First the painted sides were bent and an extra hole in the bow painted aluminum. On the inside none of the doors were straight and the hinges were all crooked. The storage doors had huge gaps in the tops and they were covering the bottom of the speakers. The rear seats did not line up and the interior was graphite not the wood grain as shown in the sales literature.

The brackets on the fold up bimini top were digging into the seats and leaving marks. The ski locker was taking in water. The stereo system, upgraded, did not work and two speakers were blown and 3 were never hooked up. The rear simulated upgraded teak swim step material was buckled and the door catches on the floor had sharp square corners.

The engine compartment lift did not work. The trailer was built wrong and had 1500 lbs on the tow vehicle tongue. Basically the boat was tossed together and was sent out in very, very poor condition.

We left the boat with the selling dealer and two weeks later they brought it to us.still the same problems, and some worse. The kid that brought it down told us that VS Marine had to send a few boats back to Godfrey because they had too many issues.

Anyway after owning the boat for 12 months and it spending 7 of those at VS Marine for repairs we had enough. The dealer said the manufacturer was buying the boat back and issuing a refund. Well they still owe us over $15,000.00 and the selling dealer actually had it listed as a demo on his web page. When I emailed the dealer to ask I thought the boat was going back to the manufacturer they took the ad down real fast.

So my advice is to avoid not only Godfrey Marine but VS Marine in Atascadero, CA as well. For what they charge for these boats, $59,000.00 you can buy a real boat that is solid and has a local dealer network to help you out.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to see some documents or photos.

Almost forgot. Godfrey had the selling dealer email me a confidentiality agreement that I would not do what I am doing now.Well you guessed it I never signed it. I wonder how many of those they get people to sign.

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Just started looking for a new Godfrey boat. Thanks for the info.

They are off the list. Brian K Burcham Marco Island Fl.

to Anonymous Orlando, Florida, United States #1210044

I have had a Godfrey Marine Hurricane for the past 10 years and its one of the best boats that I have ever owned. Like everything else in life, you get a bad one occasionally or a dealer that wont help.

Waynesboro, Virginia, United States #971823

Yes stay away. I had pontoon cover that rotted away in only 2 years

Belle Chasse, Louisiana, United States #956731

Anything to do with godfrey are Nordic group is ***,,,,I was bitten hard buy them,,,,still to this day no satisfaction,,,,,,Louis Butz

Tampa, Florida, United States #956701

Gotta get Cobalt!

Belle Chasse, Louisiana, United States #701200

I purchased a hurricane deck boat the interior in the front is rotten ,,,,the rear is perfect,,,,the floor hatch I went through and I only weigh 172,,,,, the wood under the seats and hatch are rotten also,,,,,,,,,total trash,trash and trash,,,,,,Godfrey said it was the chemical I was cleaning with ,,I only use soap ,,,but strange the back seats are not like the front,,,,,,,,,,,these people do not build a good boat and the price I paid was up in the 40's.......no more Godfrey marine boats for me,,,,,,,, :cry

Columbus, Ohio, United States #687581

I have a Aqua Patio purchased new in 2013. It was delivered without several of the seat covers and a table.

Even calls to the CEO did not resolve the problem. We had to have a cover made. My dealer was unable to resolve the problem.

Terrible customer service. :x




I find it so strange that VS Marine receives two negative comments months apart but all of a sudden four positive reviews just days apart. Anyway VS Marine is one to avoid and let it be known that they pulled the VIN number from our original trailer and stuck it on a new one to avoid paying DMV fees and I have this in writing from Kent.

They had to buy our 2009 Pontoon boat back because they could not figure out how to fix it. One problem they still owe us a ton of money and have now gone silent.

Stay away unless you have cash to toss down the drain. There are other honest dealers out there.


I was mailed a letter by a labor lawyer, yes a labor lawyer.... Godfrey hired him in an attempt to intimidate me. Well it didn’t work.

As you can see Godfrey attempted to scare me away but it didn’t work. I will be posting that letter soon. I did have to correct the year of the boat which made me question was this a boilerplate letter used for another pissed customer?

In any event Godfrey has yet to complete the repurchase that even the lawyer’s paper stated, Repurchase the boat AND they would pay off the loan.

Last I saw VS Marine in Atascadero posted it for sale as a demo.

I am surprised though that Godfrey is posting edited emails and that after thier lawyer said they would no longer comment I was surprised to see more :?


This was Mr. B.'s response to our Customer Service Manager regarding our answer to his boat launching concern.

From: Clete [mailto:cboh1************

Sent: Thursday, July 23, 2009 1:54 PM

To: chardy@godfreymarine.com

Cc: LBOYER@godfreymarine.com; mail@boatus.com

Subject: RE: Urgent trailer question

Thanks to you I have convinced one potential customer to stay away from Godfrey and let them read your email reply to me. In today’s tight market and shortage of qualified buyer every customer counts. I spoke to the trailer manufacturer and the reply was a good laugh at your expense.

He wanted to tell you all ramps are shallow and it’s the boat design that is flawed. He wondered if you owned a boat or even road in one. I am having vinyl banners made to hang off the side of our pontoon for a large gathering of boats and media next weekend. There will be flyers with your warning that perfect conditions must be in place to launch one of your boats. I hope I can help you get your well deserved pink slip. After your boss, *********** , see’s the photos in a prominent boating magazine you may want to just resign.

I am going to give him a call I think. Is this still a good number for him ************1 ?

Good Luck at McDonalds.

From: Clint Hardy [mailto:chardy@godfreymarine.com]

Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 4:13 AM

To: LBOYER@godfreymarine.com

Cc: ‘Clete’; kris@vsmarine.com

Subject: RE: Urgent trailer question

There is no design flaw with the boat. The issue is not with the boat, but with the trailer…

…and the rest is in Mr. B.'s letter below.

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